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Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017 - Frame Arms Girl Booth by F.A.M.S.G

Hey all, sorry these past two weeks I didn’t keep up with the latest news posting. I was taking a long vacation and visiting other countries. The Anime Festival Asia in Singapore last month was fantastic. It just a shame I can only visit day one because the next day was my flight to Australia. I couldn’t attend the press or interview the rest of the remaining three days to cover one of the Frame Arms Girl voice actress even participating lucky draw if you purchased over $100.00 (*Baselard Seika Ver.). Nonetheless, the event was fun and enjoy experiencing different atmospheres.
Here are the photos I taken live at the event and swear only buy one FAG Baselard Seika version (YES!) in the event. There are too many stuffs to buy over there and other things to bring back home.

How-To: Implement X-BASE Wireless Lighting in Frame Arms

Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn - Expander

Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn - Lat Mirror

Frame Arms Girl - Charging Kun Stylet and Baselard Version

Figureheads FPS Game Feature Frame Arms DLC Pack

Full Metal Panic! - ARX-7 Arbalest

M.S.G Weapon - Unit 04 Multi Missile (New Images)

Frame Arms Girl - Gourai (JUN WATANABE Ver)

AK Garden - November 2017

X-BASE (Cross Base) - Wireless LED Lighting and Display System

Hexa Gear - Para-Pawn Ignite

Cu-poche - Frame Arms Man (Kotobuikya Shop Limited)

M.S.G Weapon Unit 04 - Multi Missile (Renewal Project)

Frame Arms Girl - Architect (Off White)

Cu-Poche - Frame Architect